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Jonathan E. Sisk's
Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide


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by Ken Simms, The Author of the Pick/BASIC Language

The rumor that I wrote Pick/BASIC in order to be able to play Star Trek is not true. However, I did play a lot of STAR TREK while developing the language. I needed to test the product. Didn't I?

Since that time, I have seen a lot of PICK/BASIC programs. Nearly all of the programs did what they were supposed to do nearly all of the time. But some programs were not very easy to understand. Some were so hard to understand that it was cheaper to throw them away and start over than to change them.

But in all this time (about 12 years) there have been no books about PICK/BASIC other than the system manuals. Jon Sisk's new book not only shows how to write PICK/BASIC programs, but it also shows how to write PICK/BASIC programs that are easy to understand. Jon's years of teaching PICK/BASIC help to make this book an excellent learning tool. I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn PICK/BASIC. I also recommend it to anyone who already knows PICK/BASIC and would like to see how good programming standards can be applied to the language.

(Original Foreword from First Edition, Circa 1985)

Ken Simms passed away in November, 1988.

We miss you, Ken.


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