On-Line Books and Documentation

Online Resources

While the availability of books on "Pick" has been relegated to collectible and used-book sites, a number of on-line resources are still available.

Jonathan E. Sisk's "Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide" is still currently available in its entirety, free of charge. This was the first textbook written on this subject and is still widely used as the basis of most Pick and MultiValue programmer's education.

Tiger Logic Raining Data Pick Systems hosts the D3 Reference Manual/Online Help (formerly EPick), originally written by Jonathan E. Sisk.

Another variation of the early D3 Ref is here.

Northgate Reality offers their Latest Documentation.

JES is the home of the Pick / Multivalue Publications Database, listing nearly every book ever written on the Pick / MultiValue platform, all of which are now out of print but available at some place for outrageous prices.

Rocket Software, current providers of uniVerse and Unidata offer their online documentation.

Brian Leach has several books for uniVerse, including "Writing Your First IBM UniVerse Application". Direct link to free PDF here.

The U2 Users Group hosts Brian's book along with other free learning resources.

Intersystems, the makers of Cache have publications for MultiValue users.

U2Tech offers this handy Unidata Debugger Cheat Sheet.

Garrett Hildebrand wrote, published and hosts this handy guide to the VI Editor.

Manny Neira offers his "life, the universe, and everything " to uniVerse users.

For some insightful history about the early days of Pick and Microdata, visit the Microdata Alumni site.