JES: Just Educational Services

About Purchasing the Domain

We get a lot of inquiries and unsolicited offers to purchase the domain.

Three-letter domains have long been snapped up and as consequence, even "bad" combos of letters have a high value.

In August, 2016, estimated the value at an incredible $102,000!

In February, 2018, estibot says it's now worth $370,000.

So before you go to the time and effort of submitting an offer, please keep this in mind:

At $5,000 or less we usually don't even bother to reply, especially when the offer comes from a generic email such as Gmail.

At $15,000, we usually "pass" without any further explanation.

At $35,000, which we have received on more than one occasion - and declined - we will explain that we are not interested, but thanks for the offer.

Once qualified offers exceed $50,000, we will begin to consider at the very least using an auction service to broker it, although the reserve would still be higher.

If you are prepared and qualified to meet the above Estibot valuation, we'll definitely provide you my private cell phone # and at the very least talk with you.

The important thing to take away from this is that we love our domain and are the original owner and registrant. So we're not exactly a "motivated" seller, but a large cash offer might catch us at the right time to consider selling.

If, after reading this, you are interested in submitting an offer, please use the form provided by Network Solutions.

Thank you for your interest.